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What are Zines?

A zine is a self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images.
They are published to display one's identity, sharing a niche skill or art, or developing a story, as opposed to seeking profit.
Zines are individually made, emphasizing a personal connection between creator and reader, turning imagined communities into embodied ones.

Written in a variety of formats from desktop-published text to comics, collages and stories, zines cover broad topics including fanfiction, politics, poetry, art & design, ephemera, personal journals, social theory, intersectional feminism, single-topic obsession far outside the mainstream enough to be prohibitive of inclusion in more traditional media.

About pen and chai Community Zine

Every month we collaborate with various homegrown artists across the country to bring you a compilation of various blogs, articles, stories that make you learn, think and mostly smile.

It's a dose of inspiration and insights to the creative community of India.

Best enjoyed with a cup of homemade chai :)

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