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Quarantine journal through Illustrations

Gup-Shup with Gouri K I Animator, Illustrator

Gouri, a visual designing enthusiastic from Mumbai talks about her series "Days of Quarantine" where she takes bric-a-brac of her daily life of isolation in the times of Covid19.

Can you tell us about the series and how did the idea generate?

With the sudden lock-down, just like everyone I was forced to spend more time at home. Adapting to this new lifestyle was quite interesting and my ‘Quarantine Life’ series was a result of this change.

The nature had started healing itself- the sound of traffic was replaced by chirping of the birds. I was paying more attention my physical as well as mental health. I was cooking, washing the dishes, taking care of my plants, talking to my close friends and spending most of my time with family.

This was a period that helped me appreciate the things that we usually take for granted. I wanted to share my experience with the broader audience through this series. The implementation was quite simple, I wanted to create an audio-visual experience which Is why I decided to add subtle animation and sound effects to the illustrations.

The series is something that is intimate and personal to you.

As a visual artist, there is always a balance between personal projects and commissioned ones.  What is your take on this, how important do you think personal experimentation are for designers.

I often struggle to maintain this balance, but I know that for any artist/designer it is necessary to make time for personal projects to be able to express themselves freely without the sense of fear or judgement.

Personal projects tend to come up naturally and that's the beauty of it.

Commissioned projects cater to client needs and the goal is to meet their vision whereas personal projects allow me to push my own boundaries to try something new, make mistakes and grow as a designer.

Your series "Days of Quarantine" is floaty and humorous, how did the idea generate. What does your process of creating the work look like?

Whenever I come across an idea, I make a note or a rough sketch of it in a sketchbook/phone/iPad.

Later, I go back to these ideas and choose the ones I want to spend more time on developing. I then decide on a medium and style for execution and get started.

Your choice of colors are really interesting, can you give a some insights on that? 

I enjoy using colors and wanted the series to look vivid and bright as that’s how my quarantine experience felt like. Hence, I collected a lot of references and created a color palette even before making the first illustration.

Anything you'd like to say to people who are struggling to come up with a style or mood for their illustrations?

Setting up a few guidelines for yourself such as deciding a color palette, stroke width, textures before starting work on a series helps in maintaining a consistent style. I think having flexibility in style always comes handy while taking up commissioned work.

Gup-Shup with Gouri K



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