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About the studio

It all started with a pen and some* chai


pen and chai is a multidisciplinary design studio.

We conduct various projects, workshops and meet ups to create awareness towards creatives and designers.

While design is thought to be difficult, expensive and jargon, we make it simpler, approachable and much more understandable.


Understanding the objective.

Designing is really about providing what resonates the best and we've mastered it.

From branding solutions to social media management it's all our cup of tea.

Where next?

Starting with the various projects to educate people about the significance of branding we aim to establish a community of creatives working on various field of design.

It's all design in here!

Taking it sip by sip.

About the team


She is the brainchild behind

pen and chai and works as a freelance illustrator. She is incharge of all things Design and spends her time brainstorming on new ideas and coming up with new projects.

Ar. Ria Mohta
Founder, Creative Cheif

An Architect and a design enthusiast,

He is in charge of bringing new ideas and inspiration to the desk.

He is mostly found talking to creatives and sourcing new projects sipping his black coffee.

Ar. Ajinkya Gandhe
Creative Head